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Condos for rent located in Longueuil

Available units:
Studios, 3 1/2, 4 1/2, 5 1/2
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Life is good at this incredible location! A new type of housing has emerged to meet the needs of people who want an enhanced lifestyle, but without the constraints or financial hassles. This concept includes all the perks of renting without the drawbacks of ownership.

Balance, harmony, peace of mind, and comfort: everything is included in this new way to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. Action!

Mostra Longueuil



Enjoy a new way of living at Mostra Candiac. At this reinvented rental condo project, you can become empowered to live the life you want. You simply can’t imagine the quality of life waiting for you. Write your own story and enjoy the good life you’ve always dreamed of. Your new home will come with a modern concierge service, a bicycle maintenance workshop, a mail and package delivery room that is designed for today’s online shopping reality, a beautiful terrace with a BBQ, a fitness room, and a swimming pool.

Mostra Candiac


Experience & Services

Get a service experience exclusively at Mostra! High-end services include urban agriculture, bike repair workshops, self-service electric car, a mail and package room designed for today's online shopping needs, a magnificent terrace with an amazing view of Montreal, a fitness room and a pool.

Bike maintenance workshop
Indoor Pool

Mostra Rental Condos

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The new perfect way to live!

Available Units

Living at Mostra is pretty much the perfect way to live! Get around hassle-free with an electric car-sharing service for all residents. After you work out or take a relaxing dip in the pool, walk through the urban vegetable garden to pick fresh ingredients for tonight's summer-themed salad. Get together with your neighbours to make a festive meal in our high-end collective kitchen worthy of top chefs. Or admire the incredible view from the urban terrace and enjoy the fireworks under the open sky.

The good life starts here!